1. Anonymous said: How would first years have preference for sosc sequences that are already full? Is there any chance of even getting pink-slipped in or something to Mind or Self, when all the sections for both are full?



    they won’t be full

    I mean, they could be. I wasn’t able to get into my Hum sequence of choice first year and ended up in Media Aesthetics (my last choice). 

    Ended up majoring basically in media theory, so it ended up being SUPER USEFUL (one of the most useful courses I took at UChicago). But there’s no guarantee you’ll get your first or even second choice of SOSC/HUMA sequence.

    Here’s how it works: As a first year registering for classes fall quarter, you get assigned a time to meet with your advisor to register with them. To keep registration as fair as possible, slots randomly open up for classes (until the section is full). This way, if your registration meeting is on Thursday afternoon as opposed to Wednesday morning, you’ll still have a chance to get into a relatively popular section or class. 

    So you might not get your first choice section or core class because the section that fits into your schedule or the section/class you want is not open at the time of your registration. For example, my first choice hum was HBC, but all of the sections that fit into my schedule were either full or unavailable when I had my meeting. (I’m actually very happy that I ended up taking Reading Cultures).

    Also, if you’re a first year looking at classes.uchicago.com, all Mind and Self sections are full because they save like 10 extra spots in each course for first years. The courses are actually full for second years (unless someone drops and someone notices and swaps in). 

    I hope this makes sense.

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    want this moment burned on my eyelids

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  5. "Apple’s App Store design is a big part of the problem. The dominance and prominence of “top lists” stratifies the top 0.02% so far above everyone else that the entire ecosystem is encouraged to design for a theoretical top-list placement that, by definition, won’t happen to 99.98% of them. Top lists reward apps that get people to download them, regardless of quality or long-term use, so that’s what most developers optimize for. Profits at the top are so massive that the promise alone attracts vast floods of spam, sleaziness, clones, and ripoffs.

    Quality, sustainability, and updates are almost irrelevant to App Store success and usually aren’t rewarded as much as we think they should be, and that’s mostly the fault of Apple’s lazy reliance on top lists instead of more editorial selections and better search.

    The best thing Apple could do to increase the quality of apps is remove every top list from the App Store.”


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  7. What Computer You Should Buy for College


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    I had someone at VidCon ask me if I wore dresses and curled my hair because I wanted to make a statement as a woman in science.

    the answer is yes, and that statement is

    there is no uniform and I can wear whatever I want

    *flies away into the sunset* 


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    When I’m trying to convince people to watch OITNB

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    Fun fact: This was the first use of the word “googled” on television.

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  11. Oh hey look I made a video! What are your favorite free iPhone games?


  12. "If Apple is indeed making a wearable device that goes on your wrist, it should look like something you’d want to wear before you even see what it does."
    — John Gruber on http://daringfireball.net in response to http://www.subtraction.com/2014/06/24/wearables-fashion-and-iwatch/
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    SUBMISSION: The entire contents of a box of Lucky Charms.

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    if you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my feminist ideologies

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